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We are “Jai Ho Solutions" bringing with us years of experience and expertise that are Innovative, Effective & Efficient to transform your business to the next level.

The remarkable journey in business

Hi folks, I would like to take this time to share the journey of my life and business. Let me start from my young age, I was born to Mr. & Mrs. Paramasivam, later married to an inspiring Teacher Ms. Revathy, and Dad to little master Jethandar. As a person, I have been always passionate about doing things which is out of the box, and experimenting about things outside my arena. I feel humbled to say I have found success in business as well as in winning people’s hearts.

I remember during school holidays, I had an excellent opportunity to help one of my uncle in his shop. It was a great opportunity, while I learned about selling at the tender age of 14; it helped me understand the intricacies of the business world. It gave me the confidence to venture into the business world and start to make profits. These experiments continued further selling house hold commodities in a brisk pace.


Moving on with my career story, I started as a marketing executive in Intouch interiors and also served as an accountant in Maruthi printing press. After few years of dedicated and focused work, I’m glad to say I was promoted as Manager within the organization. I savored continued success as I went ahead to be the head of interiors, furniture and construction division.

I took on the entrepreneurial journey starting from providing catering service for marriage occasions. There were several people involved in my development; Ms. Sujatha who served as the creative director of an interiors firm helped to perfect my communication and presentation skill. I learnt about the business ethics and customer behavior from Mr. Vijay, managing director of the same firm. Other people like Mr. Prasad (Interiors firm) and Mr. Raghunath (M.D. of engineering firm) taught me the valuable financial education to cut costs and manage money.

I’m what I am because of the lessons I learnt from the mentors. Among them, Sathish Mehta is my admiration who is the executive director of Icipl and chairman of JMB group, a successful business man with many profitable ventures. I would like to take this opportunity to owe my gratitude to everyone who helped me to become a successful entrepreneur in the world stage.

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Our Mission and Values

We want to create employment opportunities for our country.

We are business consultants with rich experience to solve business problems. With more youngsters starting business in our country, we want to lend our helping hand to build their growth.

We will say our mission will be achieved if we tap the bright minds and lead them towards a successful future.

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If you want to win and gain business in any tough situation then Referral marketing & Network marketing are the only 2 ways that will help us to sustain fairly in our industry. We know who can be your right referral partner & net worker. Thus, helping you to sustain in this competitive world.


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Why Choose Us

• Proper guidance for Business Transformation and Growth
• Advice for Business Model Planning
• Long term association to achieve more visibility
• Scale your business
• Smart Strategies to meet marketing goals
• Capital planning for every year
• Save business owners valuable time
• Working capital planning every year
• Earn more profit


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Success story of construction company

When we worked with a building materials company we directly impacted an increase in revenue leading to multiple turnover. Our focused energy to organize the company and managing the entire sales team lead to revenue growth.

Finance industry

We are best at selling; we helped 60+ families to be financially insured and secure. Our methods of advocating right policies for customers promote trust and lead to more sale.

Digital marketing success story

We improved brand visibility of a digital marketing firm and generated 10 lakhs of revenue for them. Though, businesses are good in their field of expertise, adding much needed businesses momentum can yield remarkable results.

Success Story for Realty firm

The real estate industry is highly unsegmented with plenty of brokers in the industry. As professional real estate consultant, we bring the value of trust in doing business. Our professional way of selling realty services works exceedingly well.

Success story for steel building

The real success of a steel building firm came when we increased their business revenue twice the value amounting to 44 crores. We accomplished this by getting new projects and selling their products region-wise.

Placement success story

Getting the right talent is always a challenge for many organizations. Our methods of analyzing candidates and pick the right choice yields success. We are proud our recruits do well and become leaders in companies.

Our Clients

We serve across diverse industries including interior design, real estate, finance, construction, etc. Our clients testify about our achievements during the last 15 years.

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